"I was kind of like floating."

When I was about 9 years old, I only remember coming back. Well I remember a little there. I remember being in this place, my arm linked with a tall male figure in a silver outfit and his arm was very cold and he showed me these beautiful dresses, like ones I have seen in Seventeen magazine. And then I remember him taking me back to my bedroom. And I remember climbing into bed, seeing arms, seeing me roll over and I saw the window open just as much as I saw it as when I was going back in bed. My mother was in the bed at the time so I linked my arm with her arm to see if it was cold, as cold as his. And It wasn't. And I was very disappointed the next morning when I got up and found out they were not in my closet.

It was probably my junior or senior year in high school, I'd say in the mid-70s and the first one, I don't remember, I just remember some, some being with long, these were not dreams, let me stress that, some being with long fingers grabbing my arm and then I felt what  felt like a needle going into it The next morning I got up and there was this little hole where I felt the needle going in. The 2nd one, the second one I was at the door of my apartment on the 4th floor, it was open and there was this Chinese looking man standing there I saw these 2 men in khaki outfits floating my mother down the stairs to the landing to where , the Tiffany window is. And I started screaming, "Where are you taking her, where you taking her" and this Chinese looking man stuck something in the back of my arm and I don't remember anything after that. I just blacked out and  and the next morning there was a hole where I felt that. The 3rd one I was laying in my bed I woke up and I felt pressure on my legs. I couldn't move. I could breath but I was terrified. And I saw these shadows like black but not like shadows on the wall, they were like formed against the ceiling and they would darker than the dark room that I was in. And I try to scream but I couldn't scream and then I felt a sharp point or something, I never saw a needle but it felt like a needle go right in under my chin there into the soft flesh under the chin and the next morning when I woke up there was also a little hole there and I figured something is not quite right.

Next one I remember is 1987. The part I remember is I was coming out of the front door of my building and it was like I was walking but I wasn't touching the ground, I was kind of like floating and there was this male with me and I could I knew he was there and the 2 of us started floating across the street to the other like side of the street where there was this like old-fashioned car with the round roof there.
And as we were floating across the street I was looking over my shoulder and I see the male there. I can't see his face his face is just featureless and but his hair is standing up. He's got on like a loose fitting suit, the bottom of his tie is standing up. I know we both got into the vehicle but I don't know where it was. I don't remember any seats in this thing that looked like a car. Then this vehicle started floating down the street, to the end, well, to the end of where the sidewalk ends and then it went over the sidewalk and floated over a short fence down to the athletic field of the high school.
And as we're going down I see that  at the high school, the athletic field is all bright white, whiter than white and I noticed that it was raining lightly and there was like rain on the windows of this vehicle. As I'm looking at this bright white field I see this little being in what look like a hazmat suit. He was all white against the white except for like a band where I should be, I should be. And I'm looking at all this and I'm thinking, ” Isn't that nice, snow in August." This was August 4th. And as with floating down there that's all I remember. Everything goes black.