"This little hairy guy."

I was raised in Georgia. On a farm. When I was about eight years old I was playing out by our barn. At a base of a tree that was in the field and I hear someone say, "David, behind you" and I turned and I looked and I see this little hairy guy coming out of the woods right straight towards me. I am frozen for a split second. I feel as if I'm inside its eyes for some reason and then I'm not. Then I yell and I scramble back, and I started turning and then I ran towards the barn. I risked a quick glance behind me and this little hairy guy, whatever he, was turning around and going back into the woods. I ran to the house. I didn't say anything to my parents at the time. I remember, just remembering it. And later that day I wondered if the little hairy guy was back out there by the barn. And so I went back out there. I'm looking at the baseline where the trees are and it, he steps out from behind a tree and is looking at me. And I just turned and I ran away. I ran back to the house. And I think I told my mother there's something out at the barn and she asked me, "what it was" and I said, "I don't know, I just saw something out at the barn". And she says, "Oh you're imagining things". Anyway that was it. Until that night.

I was getting ready to go to bed and it was late and I happened to be looking out a window and I see what I can only call a very large bird in a tree. And I' looking at it and it has very large eyes. 
And I feel myself just sinking down on the bed and passing out. And the next thing I know is I feel that somebody, these little guys came into my bedroom and they took me outside. I have no idea what happened after that and the next morning when I had woken up I forgot the entire thing. Which is something I don't understand. I don't know why I should keep forgetting all these things.