"The car was totally immobilized."

In the summer of 1961 when I was twelve years old, I was at my girlfriends house  and we were playing and her father yelled for us to come outside, he wanted us to see something. When we walked outside we immediately saw a giant silver craft. It was silently hovering above a tree. It had red, green and white lights that I thought at the time were rotating but I realize they were pulsating. Someone called the police. Two Novi police came. Her father actually brought a telescope out and he asked me to look through the telescope, I said, "Why? It's right there." I didn't even understand why I would even look through a telescope. It was so close. And then there was a car coming down the road. There was a tree here and a craft here and a car coming down the road and as it got right underneath the craft, a beam of light came out of the bottom and it went right to the roof of the car and as soon as it touched the car the car was totally immobilized. I just remember screaming and being excited and jumping up and down. I remember tugging on one of the police officers arms and saying, "Do something. Do something."  After that I remember being home and Mom and Dad telling me to not talk about it, forget about it, hoping that I would forget about it and it would go away. So for fifty years I never shared it with anyone, not with family or friends or anyone.

Six months ago I met Dr. Harry Wellness and I told him my story  because he was a Ufologist and I knew he would believe me and not think I was crazy. He found a regression therapist for me. I had no idea I just wanted to remember the incident more clearly. And at the end of the first regression I remember seeing that my body was rumbling, was a word I never used. My body was rumbling and waving to the low hum of the craft and that was the end of the first regression. In the second regression, I actually remember being aboard and a procedure that was performed on me. There were three Greys. They performed a laparoscopy on me. In 1961 in the medical field there were no laparoscopy. They explained to me that they wanted to see inside. They described themselves as teachers. They promised they would get me home safely. I remember in that regression that as the craft was leaving they let me see them leaving and they wanted me to see them leaving. The reason being that they promised and they telepathically told me, "See we told you we would get you back safely." That was important  to them to relay that message to me. 

In the third regression I remember communication that I had with, I called him Mr., because that's how we refer to adults, Mr. and Mrs. back then. And I remember my conversation with him as I was leaving the craft. And he corrected me that it was called a ship and the reason it was called a ship was that it goes in the water as well as in the air. And I watched how the doors shut. They shut like this. They wrapped around. All the instruments that they use on me when they did the laparoscopy were retractable. They all came out of the wall. It was all neat and clean. There was nothing in there. It was just silver, white floor, a silver table that I was on. Three Grey beings. The pilot looked like a normal anybody's dad. I said Mr. why did you let them hurt me. And he said, "Your pain was perceived." And I got really mad at that remark. I realize that my pain. I realize now that my pain was perceived.  They didn't hurt me. They didn't want to hurt me. But I was watching the needle and seeing the needle. My pain was perceived. 

I remember the first night that I got home after I was taken, staring out my bedroom window forever. And wishing for them to comeback. "Please come back, please comeback." I'm here. Come get me.