"it's got little sticky legs"

Me and my partner decided we were going to go for a walk up on Bell Rock in Sedona. Bell Rock is known for being a vortex, an energy vortex. I didn't  know what that meant. I just thought we would go up there and feel some energy changes or something. My partner doesn't feel anything so we basically we're going for a walk in a nice area and see if we can feel anything. I had no idea there was any connection with alien activity there at all. Zero. Didn't even cross my mind. We had to walk a distance, maybe three miles to get there. I started to notice out of the corner of my eye there's a figure next to me and the figure, we call them the shirt boxes because if you can imagine a man's shirt box it's that shape except that the thing is about four feet tall and it's got little sticky legs, its got two eyes and something that's a little off center and kinda looks like a turkey gobble for a mouth. It's made of white plasma material in some kind of square membrane and it's lit up. Anyway it appears to be about four feet tall something like Sponge Bob. So Sponge Bob was walking with me and I'm getting tired. I said, "I don't think I'm going to make it to Bell Rock today." And Sponge Bob says, by the way we communicate telepathically, I've never ever heard a voice, Sponge Bob says, "Yes you are, you're going".  All right. All right, I'm going. So I walked a little bit farther and I said, "You know I really am getting tired." And Sponge Bob says, "No you're not, you're going, you're going". All right, I'm going, I'm going. So I go a little bit farther and I'm really tired now and I turn to Sponge Bob and I say, "Look it, I don't know who you are but I think I'm done". "You're not done" and Sponge Bob starts pushing me, physically pushing me, from the behind. Oh my God. "All right, all right I'm going". And then I notice there's another one of these guys. Now there's two of them and they're walking with me. Wait there's another one. I walk a few more, maybe ten or thirty feet and there's ten of them now.
The whole thing's so bizarre I don't know what to think of it anyway but I'm walking. So I'm walking and there's ten of them now, then there's more and there's more and by the time we get to Bell Rock there are literally thousands of these guys. And I see other humans walking around and nobody sees them but me. They are laughing and singing and dancing. The happiest most loving little creatures. And I asked them, "Why me?" and they said, "You're one of us." In the back of Bell Rock there's a Stargate. There was a pipe going up. I could see their little bodies were being sucked up in the vortex in the pipe. Sucked up into the heavens.