"They would just disappear into another dimension."

In 1982 when I was sitting home one evening, I felt a very powerful presence come to my home, my home. And I knew they were star beings that had contacted me years before. And when they showed up I could actually feel them physically putting a hand on my shoulder and communicating with me. And they were communicating with me telepathically. And what they were saying to me is that they had come back to me to remind me of my origins, that I was not of Earth. That a large portion of me is actually ET. And that they wanted me to do work that would wake people up. And when they showed up at my house there were crazy things that started happening. Clocks started spinning. The hands of the clock started spinning in all kinds of directions. I had a toaster hit up, it was not plugged in. I actually touched it and it burned me. And also within that same week a transmission came through onto my answering machine. And it was a very strong transmission. And when I went to tape record it it was erased. So didn't obviously want that on tape. Within the next couple of weeks, they talked to me about doing healing work with me and helping to shift my DNA. That they would be raising my frequency so I could better fulfill my purpose here. 

When I was in bed I heard telepathically, they were saying, "We're going to be taking you somewhere and working on you and we're going to be actually helping to um, rewire you in some ways."

That happened actually two or three times within a month. That they were taking me to another place, a spacecraft and actually to another planet or star that's more ethereally based. So they were continuing to raise my frequencies. I was very telekinetic for awhile. Sometimes I would actually pickup objects and would  disappear into another dimensions. A huge door opened after that. I started communicating  with many different types of star being or ET groups. So what they have actually led me into is now guiding other people into helping them to get in contact with their original star family.