"You're on one of the moons of Saturn."

When I was seven years old, i went to sleep one night in Indiana. I was a corn feed farm boy. In the middle of the night I woke up just basically cause my nose was itching and I went to scratch my nose and there was glass over my face and it startled me for a second and I couldn't understand what was happening so I reached up and I was kind of panicking, when someone reached out and took my arms, folded them across my chest and held them down across my chest and said, :Relax you're perfectly fine, just stay calm" and I said, "What's happening?" He said,"If you're ready I'm going to let you loose and show you something." Well he let me loose and I sat up and I was on some kind of metal stand and I was wearing a space suit and in from of me was a guy wearing a space suit. And I couldn't see his face cause his shield was gold in color. And I said "What am I doing here" and he said, "Well we wanted to show you something that human beings have never seen and we wanted you to see this/"  So I said, "Really this is cool." You know this is a little boy having and experience of a lifetime you know, I said "Great." So he said, "Follow me." So he goes off and he opens the door, he reaches up on the panel, activates this thing. These doors open. This ramp goes down and I follow this guy out, down this ramp. I was standing on dirt and I was wondering where I was at. And right in the sky to my left was a huge moon like body and in the immediate background was Saturn. And I could see hundreds and hundreds of rings. And I said, "Where am I?" and he said, "You're on one of the moons of Saturn." I said, "Why did you bring me here?" And he said, "Because these two moons are going opposite directions. They get to a certain point and they revolve around each other and go back the opposite direction. I just wanted you to see that." Well the thing is after he showed it to me, they took me back in, he knocked me out and when I woke up the next morning I was in my bed.
I looked off in the distance and I saw a light over the mountains. It clearly looked like a UFO to me. So I said out loud, "If you're coming for me, you outta get your asses over here and get it over with." And as soon as I said that, this thing leaped at supersonic speeds, it went zoom and just stopped right over my head. It was huge. It was circular, anywhere from fifty to seventy five feet across. And it was surrounded in light. And this thing was ebbing, this light at a slow ebb. And it had all these colors in the rainbow like pink and teal green and red and orange and yellow. It was just sparkling at this low ebb. But it didn't do anything. It just stayed there. So I'm sitting there looking at this thing and about ten  the higher it got the brighter it got then ten minutes came and went and nothing happened. Then suddenly this thing starts ebbing way, way up and the higher it got the brighter it got untill it got almost white hot looking and when it went bright white looking it suddenly disappeared right in from of my eyes. It didn't fly off it didn't shoot off it literally just went, "sheeeeeesh", disappeared.