"I don't want to go."

I was on a mother ship. I was walking along a gantry and I was looking down to the left and my right and a little Grey had my hand and I could see different types of spacecraft all below. I could see different human looking people and aliens coming and going on these crafts. The Grey brought me into a little room, the door slide open and he just told me in my mind, "Sit here and wait, I'll be back." So then I sat down. It was just all white and then he came back. Got me a little bit and then he brought me to another bigger room. It was an auditorium and with stadium seating. There was a podium down at the bottom and he led me to a seat to sit and all around me  were some humans here and there but there was a lot of all different types of alien beings. Next thing I'm leaving, bringing me down the aisle again. I'm telling them, "I want to stay, "I don't want to go." I start crying. I say, "I like it here, I belong." And they said, "No it's not your time. You have to help save this planet Earth." That's all I remember.