"He just kind of vaporized in front of me."

I saw a very clear scene of them being in the delivery room when I was born. Then the next experience after that I was three years old. These beings came into my room. We walked through the wall out into the woods and there were two deer in suspended animation and then this, as I learned these were Zetas, I didn't know what they were called at the time brought me over to this tree. We sat down, he was drawing in the dirt; the earth and the moon and then all these lines way over to the far end of the patch of dirt and that told me that was where they were from. So after all that she says, "Well come back to that stain glass window, what was that?" And the next thing I know I see myself on a ship and the stain glass window started off being what looked like a window out into space and it was looking at the earth and the moon but then it turned to the stain glass window and every time the colors changed I got zapped with energy.

I see a silhouetted being standing at the side of my bed, looked like a Zeta. I get zapped with a blue beam. Say about an inch in diameter this beam. Went right into my solar plexus area. I said to him out loud, "Can you show me the ship?" and with that he just disappeared. He just kind of vaporized in front of me.